Code of Student Life


The mission of the University of Arkansas is teaching, research, and service. Inherent in this mission is the responsibility of the University to educate its students to be responsible, civic-minded citizens. The Code of Student Life outlines student conduct and disciplinary policies that pertain to students and student organizations at the University of Arkansas. It is designed to provide information to students, faculty, and staff regarding the ideals that underlie our academic mission, and the expectations that the University has regarding the conduct of students. The purpose of the policies outlined in the Code is to protect the rights of all members of the University Community and to maintain an atmosphere in the University community appropriate for an institution of higher education.

Accepting membership into the University of Arkansas community entails the obligation to assume the values described with the Code of Student Life. These values are designed to cultivate responsible and engaged citizens and create an environment conducive to learning and academic inquiry. Those students who are engaged members of the razorback community and comply with all responsibilities described herein are substantially more likely to achieve success.

The Code of Student Life is established by the Faculty Senate pursuant to Board of Trustees Policy 810.1(II)(A)(7). Students seeking interpretations of provisions within the Code may contact the Vice Provost for Student Affairs (VPSA).

Student Responsibility for Conduct On-Campus and Off-Campus

Jurisdiction for Disciplinary Matters

University of Arkansas faculty, staff and students value the University's relationship with the surrounding Fayetteville community and realize that the University has tremendous social, cultural, and economic impact on the greater Northwest Arkansas area. The University seeks to help students learn to become conscientious members of their community, and students are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible manner at all times, whether on or off campus.

The Code of Student Life applies to all persons enrolled in courses offered by the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, to persons who have been notified of their acceptance for admission, and persons who are living in University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, residence halls, although not enrolled at the institution.  The Code of Student Life also applies to persons who withdraw or graduate after allegedly violating the Code of Student Life or who are not enrolled for a particular term but have an apparent continuing relationship with the University.  Continuing relationship may include but is not limited to: students enrolled in a previous semester and registered or otherwise indicating intent to register for a future period of enrollment, or a student accepted for admission who has indicated intent to attend in a future period of enrollment.

While procedures may vary, the conduct requirements of the Code of Student Life apply to both on- and off-campus behavior (including behavior occurring in a foreign country or in another state, and behavior at all University activities, regardless of location) that may have an impact on the mission of the University, or that may have an impact on the health, safety or welfare of any individuals involved. Student Affairs officials shall determine, on a case-by-case basis, whether an incident that occurs off campus adversely affects the University’s mission or members of the campus community in pursuit of their institutional and educational goals and, thus, falls within the scope of the Code of Student Life.  In determining whether or not to exercise off-campus jurisdiction, the Student Affairs officials may consider, among other criteria, the seriousness of the alleged offense, whether drugs and/or alcohol are involved, the risk of harm involved, whether the alleged victim(s) are members of the campus community or the surrounding Fayetteville community, and whether the off-campus conduct is part of a series of actions which occurred both on and off campus.

The University of Arkansas may take action in situations involving a student or student organization’s violation of Federal, state or local law.  If a student or student organization is reported by a community member for possible violations of the law, the University will cooperate with appropriate officials taking necessary legal action. 

The University reserves the right to withhold a degree otherwise earned and to deny a student participation in graduation ceremonies until the completion of a pending case and/or all sanctions imposed for violations of the Code of Student Life.  The University further reserves the right to withdraw degrees, honors, or awards for actions that occurred before graduation. (Note that the School of Law has its own process for reviewing alleged violations of the Code).