E. Registration of Student Organizations

Access the Office of Student Activities website at http://osa.uark.edu for current information on the Registered Student Organization (RSO) registration process. New student organizations may apply for RSO status throughout the year and may receive the benefits of RSO status once fully registered. Benefits for each academic year expire June 30. Returning groups should re-register each year between April 15 – September 15 for the upcoming academic year.

1. Registration

When and if any group of students comes together for a common purpose and use University facilities on a regular basis, registration of the group as a student organization is encouraged. The Office for Student Activities will assist the group in completing the registration process. A student organization wishing to conduct a sustained program must be registered in order to engage in the following activities (subject to all applicable University policies):

  1. Use University facilities. 
  2. Be listed in University publications, websites and newsletters. 
  3. Use the University name in publicity and press releases. 
  4. Use University logos and trademarks (limited, with prior approval). 
  5. Apply for and expend University funds as distributed through the Associated Student Government. 
  6. Apply for and occupy office space in a University building. 
  7. Participate in university programs as an organization. 
  8. Participate in any information fairs. 
  9. Apply for University recognition for organizational achievement.
  10. Conduct fundraisers on campus (with prior approval)
  11. Reserve meeting space on campus
  12. Utilize organizational emails, websites and listservs
  13. Obtain locker or mailbox space through the Office of Student Activities

2. Requirements

Student organization registration requires that organizations and their participants meet the requirements listed in section B.1 to receive status as a Registered Student Organization.

3. Disclaimer

University recognition as a RSO does not imply that the viewpoints of the organization are those of the University.

4. RSO Registration

  1. RSOs are required to re-register each year during the annual RSO Registration period that occurs April 15-September 15. Established RSOs that fail to complete the annual registration process during the spring semester will lose their status as a RSO. RSOs that miss the deadline may re-register for the remainder of the academic year in question when the Office of Student Activities re-opens the enrollment period for a limited timeframe at the beginning of the spring semester.
  2. New student organizations may register year-round in order to receive the benefits of a RSO.
  3. Benefits of registration expire at the end of each academic year on June 30.

5. Requirements for Registration:

A student group wishing to obtain status as a Registered Student Organization must complete the appropriate registration process outlined by the Office of Student Activities. Required registration information will include:

  1. Name of organization. No organization shall register a name identical to or closely similar to the name of a previously registered organization nor can the University of Arkansas precede any organization name.
  2. An official acronym of the organization (if applicable). 
  3. A constitution of the organization. Each organization’s constitution must be reviewed by the organization annually and resubmitted during the annual renewal process if changes were made. If no changes have been made the   organization will be required to resubmit the organization’s constitution every 3 years during the annual renewal process. University of Arkansas policies take precedence over those of an organization’s constitution or by-laws.
  4. An RSO Compliance and Non-Discrimination statement signed by the president. 
  5. A list of all officers, including contact information and University ID numbers. Student organizations are required to have at least two officers including a president and treasurer. All officers must be students eligible for co-curricular participation pursuant to University policy.
  6. A list of six official representatives of the organization, including contact information, University ID numbers, and signatures (the six representatives may include the organization’s officers). All official representatives must be currently-enrolled University of Arkansas students, and officers, defined as anyone in an elected or appointed position, must be eligible for co-curricular participation pursuant to University policy.
  7. The name and title of a faculty or staff advisor. Part-time faculty and staff qualify as advisors if they are not simultaneously pursuing a full-time graduate degree. However, part-time faculty and staff pursuing a full-time graduate degree may serve as an advisor if it is a requirement of their University appointment.
  8. The contact information for officers, members, advisors and the organization itself. 
  9. Officers must complete a mandatory officer orientation through the Office of Student Activities.

6. Advisors

Advisors are expected to actively consult the RSO officers and members and regularly attend meetings of the organization.

7. Acknowledgements

In applying for RSO status, leaders of the student organization are required to acknowledge the following:

  1. That the student organization is responsible for conducting its activities in accordance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and University policies, and that failure to do so may lead to suspension or termination of the organization’s recognition by the University and/or loss of University benefits.
  2. That it is the policy of the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville to promote equal opportunity for all students as valued members of the University community and to support affirmative steps to accomplish that objective.
  3. That it is the policy of the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville to prohibit discrimination on the basis of age, disability, ethnic origin, marital status, race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation, or any other grounds prohibited by federal or state law or University policy. Accordingly, no student may be excluded from membership or leadership in a registered student organization on the basis of his or her age, disability, ethnic origin, marital status, race, gender(unless exempt under Title IX), religion, or sexual orientation, provided, however, that registered student organizations may limit their membership and leadership to students who, upon individual inquiry, affirm that they support the organization’s religious, political, or other legally protected views, consistent with the First Amendment.
  4. That events funded from the ASG fee must provide equal participation opportunity to all students.

8. Disclaimer

Applicants for RSO status must have a constitution and/or by-laws that are in accordance with and do not conflict with University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, policies and procedures. Additionally, for RSOs affiliated with a national organization, any national constitutions/by-laws applicable to the local organization may not conflict with University of Arkansas policies and procedures. If there is any question whether an organization has satisfied the requirements for RSO status, the group’s registration will not be completed until all necessary reviews are completed, including any appeal.

9. Renewal of Registration

To keep the organization’s RSO status current, registration must be renewed each academic year through the process prescribed by the Office of Student Activities. This renewal consists of providing updated registration information including: names of current officers, members, a faculty or staff advisor, contact information and a current constitution. Should this renewal of registration not occur, all benefits extended to the organization by the Office of Student Activities and the University of Arkansas will be withdrawn. Renewal of registered student organization status is not automatic, and renewal is not complete until all necessary information and materials have been submitted by the organization and processed consistent with University policy.

10. RSO Registration Process

All registration applications for student organizations will be processed by the Office of Student Activities in the following manner:

  1. Registered status will be granted to organizations that have fully submitted their application and all required materials and the Office of Student Activities has verified the following:
    1. that all written materials meet University requirements,
    2. that student members and officers meet the requirements for co-curricular participation,
    3. that the advisor is eligible to act as a RSO advisor, and
    4. that the officers have completed the required officer orientation.
  2. Written notice will be sent to any organization and/or student that failed to fulfill all requirements. The written notice will state the amount of time granted to the organization and/or student to resolve the issue.
  3. Students that do not meet the requirements for co-curricular participation may appeal in writing to the Assistant Director of the Office of Student Activities or designated representative. The appeal process is outlined in Section D. Eligibility For Co-Curricular Participation.
  4. Organizations that have not fulfilled all requirements for registered RSO status may appeal to the Assistant Director of the Office of Student Activities or designated representative. The appeal process is outlined below.

11. Restrictions and Withdrawals

Organizations that fail to meet the requirements for registered status or violate RSO registration policies at any time may have their status withdrawn or restricted by the RSO Program Coordinator in the Office of Student Activities. Such organizations may appeal to the Assistant Director of the Office of Student Activities.

12. Appeal Process for Denial, Withdrawal, or Restriction of Registered Organization Status

Decisions to restrict, deny or withdraw registration may be appealed by submitting a written appeal to the Assistant Director of the Office of Student Activities. Appeals will be considered upon limited grounds 1) that the standards and process outlined in the Office of Student Activities RSO registration policy were not adhered to in the decision to restrict, deny or withdraw status, or 2) that new and significant information has become available that affects the decision to restrict, deny or withdraw status 3) that the decision to deny, withdraw or restrict the organization was excessively severe or biased. Appeals must be submitted within 10 days of written notice of the original decision. The university e-mail system will be considered sufficient for written notice. The Assistant Director of the Office of Student Activities or designee will decide if the appeal has sufficient merit to warrant a hearing. If the appeal has grounds, the Assistant Director or designee will hear the appeal as soon as possible. If the Assistant Director of the Office of Student Activities or designee decides not to hear the appeal, the decision to restrict, deny or withdraw status will remain in effect as outlined by the Assistant Director or designated representative. Appeals regarding disciplinary sanctions administered by the Office of Student Standards and Conduct, whether for an individual or the organization, must adhere to the appeal policy outlined by that office, and may not be overruled through this appeal process.