H. Student Organization Responsibility for Activities and Events

Student groups and organizations planning and carrying out their activities and conducting their affairs bear the responsibility for doing so in accordance with University regulations as well as state and local law. Student Organizations will be held responsible for the behavior of their members or guests when the actions of these individuals evolve from or are associated with the organization or an activity related to the organization. The extent to which an organization will be held responsible for the actions of individual members or guests will be determined in accordance with the following guidelines.

  1. Definition of an Activity Related to an Organization: An activity is considered to be related to an organization when one of the following circumstances exists:
    1. The activity being sponsored was planned in an official meeting of the organization.
    2. The activity is a registered event with the Office of Greek Life.
    3. The context of the activity indicated that it was the product of the organization, per se. This includes, but is not limited to: the activity was held on chapter property, the presence of one or more of the group’s officers, the presence of eight or more of the group’s members, promoting or financing the event, or the presence of organized entertainment.
  2. The parent organization shall be responsible for the actions of pledge classes or other subgroups carrying official status.
  3. Events or activities that include numbers of nonmembers are also the responsibility of the group or organization in question. Appropriate measures must be employed to prevent or deal with infractions and problems involving nonmembers (see section 4.b, and section J below).
  4. Dealing with Infractions: Each group or organization has the responsibility and is expected to deal with individuals allegedly in violation of University regulations or laws by referring such individuals to UAPD, the Office of Student Standards and Conduct, the Office of Student Activities, and/or the Office of Greek Life. Circumstances that do not constitute violation of University policy or law, but that may be violations of organizational regulations may be dealt with internally, by the organization.
    1. Each group or organization is expected to refer such individual(s) to the appropriate University authorities. UAPD should be contacted immediately for any issue involving public safety, removal, or arrest (e.g., hazing, fighting, public intoxication, trespass, etc.). The Office of Greek Life or the Office of Student Activities should be contacted for any constitutional violations. Referral should be made to the Office of Student Standards and Conduct for violations of the Code of Student Life and/or university judicial action.
    2. The group or organization must show good faith in referring individual(s) who may be responsible for violating University policy or any applicable laws of the state, county, or city. The degree to which the group or organization carries out this overall responsibility will have bearing on the extent to which it may be held accountable for the actions of the individual(s). Members and non-members of a group at an activity related to an organization are included in the expectation of the group’s responsibility and appropriate measures must be employed to prevent or deal with problems and/or violations.
    3. When (1) sufficient preventive measures (see section I below) have not been employed and/or, (2) action to refer individual cases to appropriate authorities has not been taken, the student organization may be held accountable for violations