B. Definition of Student Organizations

For current information access the Office of Student Activities website at http://osa.uark.edu.

  1. Subject to all other University policies, Student Organizations or student committees are (1) composed entirely of University students; (2) entirely responsible for the conduct of various sponsored activities, as well as the daily affairs of the group. Student organizations may not extend membership to non-students. The involvement of faculty and staff is defined in the role of an advisor, rather than a voting member. Additionally, registered student organizations must have and maintain a minimum of six (6) active members to secure approved Registered Student Organization (RSO) status from the University. The active membership must include at least two officers, a President and Treasurer, and all officers must meet the requirements for co-curricular participation as outlined in Section D below.
  2. Residence hall, fraternity, sorority and governing bodies are considered student organizations and are expected to complete the registration process before facilities other than their own specific living units can be used. Additional regulations for the establishment and operation of fraternity and sorority groups (outlined in the respective governing board’s constitution) are available in the Office of Greek Life.
  3. Many groups such as faculty-initiated academic interest groups, faculty/student governing committees, musical organizations, University athletic teams, and theatrical activities are not student, but University organizations. As such, they are directed or chaired by a regular University staff member, and responsible to campus academic or administrative authorities. Membership in University organizations is subject to various internal requirements and regulations. The University staff member, by virtue of his or her expertise, is responsible for directing the organization. Students often participate in the organization’s decision-making process. Registration of such groups through the Office of Student Activities is not required; however, they are subject to general University procedures; for example, non-discrimination, fund-raising, outdoor event, and trademark policies.