Off Campus Connections

Serving Commuter Students and Adult Learners


Off Campus Connections provides resources and referrals for current and prospective undergraduate commuters, including:

First Semester Students Living at Home
Upperclassmen Living Off-Campus
Adult, Returning, and Transfer Students

Commuters (also known as off campus students) are undergraduates not living in a residence hall, fraternity, or sorority house. More than 10,000 University of Arkansas undergraduate students are commuters. This student population includes traditional-aged students who live with family members, as well as non-traditional students who are age 25+, are married, or have dependents. Students attending college part-time are defined as non-traditional, as are those who are financially independent or have a non-traditional high school diploma. Off Campus Connections assists commuter and adult students in removing obstacles that may impede their success at the university.
A Commuter Lounge is provided on the 6th floor of the Arkansas Union (above the ballroom). Commuters are encouraged to utilize the lounge as a place to watch TV, study or relax between classes, or visit with other commuter students. Wireless Internet is provided and a small computer lab is located in the Career Development Center near the lounge. Wake Up Wednesdays offers free morning coffee and doughnuts and takes place during the fall and spring semesters.
Students are informed about campus life and commuter opportunities through electronic newsletters and email announcements on the commuter listserv. Student employees known as Peer Assistance Leaders (P.A.L.S.) are available to mentor commuter students. PALS assist commuters in navigating student life and the campus in general.
The Off-Campus Housing Website,, is a free searchable student housing database. Current and prospective students utilize the site to locate off-campus housing and search for potential student roommates. A message board also allows students to post items for sale and communicate with other students regarding housing.
Of Campus Connections wants commuters to become connected and stay connected with the university. The more connected a student feels, the more likely the student will persist and receive their degree.
For further information relating to off campus student needs, visit the Off Campus Connections website or send an email to You may also visit the office in Arkansas Union Room 632 or contact OCC by telephone at 479-575-7351.