Campus Safety

Stay safe and informed.


If this is an immediate emergency (day or night) dial 911.

The University of Arkansas Police Department, in partnership with the community we serve, is committed to protecting and serving the future of Arkansas and beyond by embracing the philosophy of community policing and by promoting a safe and secure environment through excellence, initiative, and integrity.

UAPD Patrol Officers and Communications Center staff are on 24/7. You can also contact UAPD by using the Emergency/Information Telephones located across the campus and in selected parking lots. The phones are also located in all elevators on campus and throughout parking decks.

UAPD encourages students, faculty and staff to work in partnership with the police and to be responsible for their own personal security and the security of others. UAPD officers cannot be everywhere all the time. The department needs your help to provide a safe environment. 



Contacting UAPD

You can contact UAPD by calling or texting (479) 575-2222. Texts messages can include photographs but not video. Dial 911 for any emergency, on campus or off campus.

Razorback Patrol Escort Service

UAPD provides escort services for student Sunday-Thursday from 6 p.m. to 12:30 p.m. during the fall and spring semesters. Call (479) 575-5000 or text your request to (479) 249-2796When Razorback Patrol is off duty and outside spring and fall semesters, call or text UAPD at 479-575-2222.

RazALERT Emergency Notification System

The RazALERT communication system sends out alerts any time hazardous conditions arise on campus. Students are automatically enrolled in the RazALERT notification system through their UAConnect account. For the most part, the alert system simply notifies our campus community of closings due to icy roads or severe tornado warnings. However, in the unlikely event of a major fire, chemical spill or violent crime, this system will notify all of students, faculty and staff of the event.