D. Eligibility For Co-Curricular Participation

The major concern of the University of Arkansas for its students is their academic achievement. One mark of academic achievement is orderly progress toward a degree. Undergraduate and Law students should complete a minimum of twelve (12) hours of course work each semester, and Graduate Students should complete the minimum hours of course work required by their respective program to be considered a full-time student (generally, six (6) hours of course work). Each student is therefore advised to balance a desire to progress in a systematic fashion toward a degree and the desire and ability to participate and/or lead in co-curricular activities. After a student has assessed the abilities and interests he/she may have, the student may then choose to participate in activities or organizations (taking into consideration the qualifications required by the various activities and organizations). To assume leadership, elected and/or appointed positions, the student must meet the University requirements listed below:

  1. Co-Curricular Requirements: The minimum requirements that the University sets for students to assume elective and appointive positions in co-curricular activities include full-time enrollment and continuance (a minimum of twelve (12) hours of on-campus course work for undergraduate and law students and six (6) hours, or the minimum hours required by program of study, for graduate students), a 2.25 or better cumulative grade-point average, and the absence of academic or disciplinary probation. Additional requirements: Organizations or groups may make, with the consultation of the Office of Student Activities, such additional eligibility requirements as they deem necessary. These additional requirements cannot be in conflict with University policies on nondiscrimination.
  2. Types of Participation Subject to the Requirements: The above stated requirements must be met in order to:
    1. apply or receive consideration for an appointive or elective office 
    2. campaign for an elective office 
    3. hold an elective or appointive office 
    4. receive special honors 
    5. receive an appointment to serve on an all-campus (student or faculty-student) committee or governing organization (RIC, IFC, Panhellenic, NPHC, etc.) or on the staff of any University or student publication
  3. Individuals should be aware of their eligibility status at all times. They shall inform the concerned organizations of their status when seeking or desiring to continue in positions of leadership as described above.
  4. The Office of Student Activities is responsible for ensuring that the students participating in said organizations are in compliance with these requirements each semester.
  5. Appeal to waive requirements: Any student who does not meet the aforementioned requirements and is still interested in an appointive or elected position can request a review by the Assistant Director of the Office of Student Activities or designated representative. Any student wishing to appeal a decision regarding eligibility must do so by filing an appeal in writing to the Assistant Director of the Office of Student Activities. Co-curricular Eligibility Appeal forms are available in the Office of Student Activities.
  6. Athletic Requirements: NCAA and athletic conference rules will govern participation in intercollegiate athletics for men and women.