G. Funding Of Registered Student Organizations

1. Banking Arrangements

Registered Student Organizations must deposit their funds in a University checking account maintained by the UA Treasurer’s Office. A small charge is made against each account to cover operating expenses of its account. National social fraternities and sororities overseen by the Office of Greek Life are exempt from this regulation.

2. Expending Funds

  1. All funding, whether received from non-university sources or University sources must be spent for organizationally related activities.
  2. Funding received from university sources (student fees, governing body allocations, departmental monies, etc.) is subject to departmental and university purchasing policies and regulations and as such is not deposited into the RSO checking account.
  3. Funding raised from non-university sources is subject to review by the University Controller, who retains the right to question the propriety of the expenditure.

3. Unexpended Balances of Inactive Registered Student Organizations

Student organizations previously registered with the University may have unexpended balances remaining in their organizational checking accounts, even though the group is no longer active on campus. If a student organization fails to officially re-register with the Office of Student Activities for two (2) consecutive years, their university checking account will be closed. Any unexpended balance remaining in the checking account will be used to fund programs and materials for registered student organizations.

4. Associated Student Government Allocations (ASG)

  1. ASG Office of Financial Affairs Allocations must be used to promote a diverse array of programs and events, facilitate intellectual engagement, encourage collaboration between students and student groups, and/or foster campus community. All funded programs/events must be open to the University community and free to all students who pay the activity fee.
  2. RSOs requesting ASG allocations must submit a budget proposal via UARK Dropbox to the ASG Treasurer using the template provided by ASG. The ASG Treasurer must forward a copy of each budget request to the Program Coordinator for RSOs, the RSO Graduate Assistant, the ASG Office Manager, and the ASG Office of Financial Affairs Board.
  3. RSOs may apply for funds from ASG four (4) times during an academic year by submitting an RSO Funding Application to the ASG Office of Financial Affairs. There will be four (4) funding periods per year. Each RSO is allowed to be funded for one event per funding period. Events funded by ASG can only take place during the following dates:
    1. Round I: Monday of second week of Fall semester (August 29, 2016)  to October 19, 2016 Round II:  October 20, 2016 to the day before Dead Day of Fall semester  (December 8, 2016)
    2. Round III: Monday of second week of Spring semester (January 24, 2017) to March 7, 2017
    3. Round IV: March 18, 2017 to the day before Dead Day of Spring semester  (May 4, 2017)
  4. RSOs may apply for events to be held during the current funding period or the upcoming funding period, but not 2 funding periods in advance (for example, on Oct. 22 an RSO may submit a budget for an event to be held in funding period II and/or III, but not IV).
  5. Applying RSOs can be awarded money for 1) conferences, 2) special events, and 3) administrative costs according to the following criteria:
    1. Conference registration fees of no more than $1000 per fiscal year.
      1. Non-UA conference requests are required to be accompanied by a copy of the registration form or other official literature indicating cost per person, and a typed explanation of how the UA community will benefit from the conference.
      2. Request to Purchase Travel forms must be submitted to the ASG Office Manager no less than fifteen (15) business days prior to the conference registration due date. If the form is turned in less than fifteen (15) business days prior to the conference registration due date, , the funds may not be made available for use for the specific conference.
      3. All RSOs must additionally fill out other necessary travel forms prior to traveling out of Northwest Arkansas. See Travel Policy for more detailed information.
      4. The combined total of all allocations for conference registration may not exceed 25% of the ASG Allocations budget during any fiscal year.
      5. Conference funding is limited to registration fees only.
      6. Special Events that occur on campus, along the UA bus routes, or within reasonable walking distance.
        1. RSOs must include the date, time and location for each event for which they request funding, and an itemized, detailed budget for each event.
        2. Request to Purchase Event forms must be completely filled out and submitted to the ASG Office Manager no less than ten (10) business days prior to the event. If the form is turned in less than ten (10) business days prior to the event, the funds may not be made available for use for the specific event.
      7. Administrative expenses that are no greater than $20 per year. This includes, and is limited to office supplies purchased at the UA Bookstore.
      8. Applying RSOs must meet the following criteria to qualify for RSO funds:
        1. RSOs must be registered with the Office of Student Activities.
        2. RSOs must conduct organizational activities in accordance with all applicable Federal, State, and local laws and University policies.
        3. RSOs must not knowingly present false documents or information to ASG or the Office of Student Activities.
        4. RSOs must not receive funding from other University of Arkansas fees, sporting events, living groups, or living group organizations.
          1. This excludes co-sponsored activities and events. The organization requesting funds must submit other sources of student fee based income with their budget at the time of their request.
          2. This excludes RSO fundraising at events that are not funded through the ASG allocations budget.
      9. Applying RSOs will not be awarded money from the ASG Allocations Budget for any of the following:
        1. Non-student attendance or participation exceeding 10 faculty or staff at ASG funded events, unless ticketed event (including recruitment events targeting non-UA prospective students)
        2. International flights
        3. Events without a date, time, and place
        4. Tentative or unnamed speakers or bands
        5. Regularly scheduled meetings
        6. Off-campus events not along UA bus routes or not within reasonable walking distance
        7. Events that do not have perceived educational value
        8. Costumes
        9. Repayment of debt or reimbursements
        10. No checks will be presented until the conclusion of the appearance OR as soon as possible thereafter
        11. Off Campus Rent, including storage facilities
        12. Student travel or lodging
        13. Activities that make direct financial contribution to a political campaign, charity, or church
        14. Events not free and accessible to all students
        15. Gifts, Awards – example T-shirts and prizes
        16. Fundraisers
        17. Sales of merchandise at a funded event
        18. Materials that the university will provide for free
        19. Per diem/hotel/honorarium for UA system employees/students
        20. Decorations for events
        21. Travel for any presenter that amount to less than $50
        22. Any event that will have alcohol being served
        23. Events occurring on Spring Break, Dead Day, Thanksgiving Break, Fall Break, and Winter Break
        24. Blood Drives
        25. Per diem for elected officials while active session is taking place
        26. Events that require RSVP
      10. All organizations receiving funding must agree to:
        1. abide by State regulations in all purchasing and budget control activities;
        2. expend funds only for University related purposes.

5. Entertainers, Speakers and Performers

  1. Information on acts, both local and national, that may be available for entertainment at social events, is located in the Office for Student Activities in the Arkansas Union.
  2. RSOs must follow all contractual procedures as required by the University. It is strongly recommended that any student organization or group wishing to engage entertainment groups contact the Office for Student Activities for specific advice as to contracting procedures.
  3. Student organizations and their advisors are not authorized to enter into contractual agreements on behalf of the University of Arkansas.  All contracts must solely bear the name of the RSO.
  4. Arrangements for speakers and performers are to be made in keeping with appropriate University policies.

More information regarding ASG funding for RSOs, including the most current ASG Office of Financial Affairs Standing Rules, can be found at asg.uark.edu