L. Use of University Facilities

For updated information, access the university website at http://vcfa.uark.edu/Documents/7080.pdf

1. General Policies

  1. University facilities and outdoor space are governed by the policies of the Board of Trustees of the University of Arkansas and exist for the primary purpose of serving a planned and scheduled program of educational activity. Consistent with Board of Trustees Policy 705.1 and University of Arkansas at Fayetteville Policy 708.0, when not required for regularly planned educational or research programs, and subject to other University policies, University facilities or outdoor space may be made available for use by University entities and non-University entities. University entities shall only include colleges, departments, and other university organizational units; faculty; staff; students; University-related foundations and University alumni association; and registered student organizations. Non-University entities shall only include individuals and organizations that are not acting as University entities and are not sponsored by a University entity. Use of University facilities or space must not interfere with educational activities of the University. Moreover, such use is conditioned on receiving prior approval consistent with the procedures described below. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, all uses of University facilities and outdoor space by University entities or non-University entities shall remain subordinate to the University's right to use the facilities at any time to advance the educational mission of the institution.

  2. Subject to all other University policies, the University prohibits the use of facilities and outdoor space for private, for-profit business activities. The University regulates any use of its buildings and grounds for solicitation, including fund-raising activities. Non-University groups or organizations shall not use university facilities for private purposes, for the conduct of private business and/or to raise money for projects not connected with a University activity except as otherwise permitted by University policy.

  3. Consistent with the University's educational mission, first priority for use of facilities or outdoor space shall go to University entities, and the University reserves the right to modify or cancel reservations accordingly. Moreover, to help ensure a diverse array of activities and uses, non-University entities are limited to an initial total of five (5) reservations each Fall semester, Spring semester, and summer with any portion of a calendar day considered one reservation. After the initial total of five reservations per semester has been obtained by a non-University entity, other non-University entities that wish to reserve space shall take priority; provided, however, if other non-University entities have not submitted a reservation request, then a request submitted by a non-University entity which has utilized its initial total of five reservations shall be considered and processed consistent with this policy. Furthermore, after the initial total of five reservations per semester, non-University entities may receive no more than three reservations at a time. Subject to Policy 2d, below, non-University entity reservations must be requested no later than three-business days prior to the day of the event. Student reservations must be made through a registered student organization with the prior approval of the faculty or staff advisor. These provisions are not intended to limit informal student use of small group study or meeting space reserved according to facility-specific policies.

  4. Those requesting reservations must agree to be financially responsible for all costs associated with the reservation, including but not limited to security costs, cleanup, or damage to University property. Moreover, if warranted by the nature of the event, the University may require a requestor to obtain appropriate insurance coverage and/or to indemnify the University, its officials and employees for any claims pertaining to the use of the University's facilities.

  5. Non-University entities will not be allowed to reserve spaces and/or facilities during "Dead Days," any official examination periods, and all dates of any Official University Commencement activities.

2. Reservation Procedures

The following procedures apply to reservations requested by or for individual faculty, staff, or students; registered student organizations; or non-University entities:

  1. Indoor Space: Those requesting a reservation of an indoor University facility/space should contact the building executive responsible for that location and follow any policies and procedures established for that site.

  2. Outdoor Space: Those requesting a reservation of an outdoor University facility/space must complete a reservation form and submit the form to Facilities Management or the office responsible for the location to be used. If approved by that office, then that office shall provide a copy of the approved request to the organizer, and shall forward other copies of the reservation to the University Relations, the Office of Student Activities, and the University of Arkansas Police Department (UAPD).

    1. Outdoor Reservation Forms: Copies of the Outdoor Facility/Space Reservation Form may be obtained from the Office of Student Activities (A665 Arkansas Union), the Office of the Director of Facilities Management, the University web site at http://vcfa.uark.edu/Documents/7080Form.pdf  and the office of University officials having authority to approve requests.

  3. Security Assessment:

    1. If an event is expected to have 500 or more people in attendance; or

    2. if a security assessment is requested by a university official; or

    3. if, in the opinion of the organizer, the event might require security, then, in all such instances, the organizer must contact the Director of UAPD or the Director's designee at least three (3) business days prior to the event to enable an assessment of potential security needs, including estimated costs to the organizer. UAPD must certify that this review has been completed prior to University approval of the space reservation. If the Director or his designee recommends that security be provided for the event, UAPD will provide a brief description of the expected arrangements and estimated costs; such costs shall be the responsibility of the event organizer as a condition of approval of the reservation, along with any other required costs.

  4. Approval Subject to Review: At all times, any reservation approval is conditioned upon full compliance with all University policies and all reservation requirements. The University reserves the right to disapprove the request (or terminate the reservation) of any entity that fails to comply with University policies, or state or federal law, or which has damaged University facilities at any time.

  5. Available Facilities: A list of reservable facilities/outdoor spaces and the approving official/department is available in the Student Handbook Section III.L.7

  6. Fundraisers: Fundraisers sponsored by Registered Student Organizations must be approved by the Office of Student Activities (A665 Arkansas Union) no later than two weeks before the event is to take place. The fundraising form is available in the Office of Student Activities. The Office of Student Accounts keeps records of income generated by the activity. All funds must be deposited with the Office of Student Accounts.

3. Additional Facility Use Policies

  1. Organizer Presence Required: The organizer must be present throughout the event with a copy of the approved reservation form for the duration of the function and present the form to UAPD if requested. The event may be terminated by UAPD for failure to have a copy of the approved reservation form on the premises.

  2. Alteration of University Property: Alteration or physical modification of property owned or leased by the University is not permitted. To prevent damage to University infrastructure, Facilities Management must approve the erection of tents or any temporary structures.

  3. Decorations: The organizer must have decorations approved and/or facilities inspected for safety in advance by Facilities Management or the facility official.

  4. Property Damage: Any group or individual that causes damage to University property must pay any charges necessary to return the property to its original state; University employees, students or organizations may also be subject to disciplinary action.

  5. Organizer Arrangements: The organizer shall be responsible for addressing issues such as special power requirements, access to restrooms, adequate waste receptacles, and inclement weather sites. Many campus buildings are closed after hours and on weekend/holidays; therefore, power and restrooms are not readily available. If waste receptacles are overflowing after an event, then the requestor/sponsoring group will be charged the additional cleanup costs incurred by the department that operates the facility/outdoor space. The organizer shall be solely responsible for any and all costs arising from or relating to any event and by requesting to use University facilities agrees to pay all such charges.

  6. Publicity, handouts, etc.: All publicity, handouts, printed materials, etc., are governed by University policies and procedures. These procedures are outlined in this handbook in sections entitled "Publicity and Literature" and "Printed Materials".

4. Sound Regulations on Campus and Respect for Others

  1. Noise Disturbance: University entities and non-University entities must respect others' rights by not creating noise disturbances on the campus or around residences. The sound regulations apply to outdoor campus events that may potentially cause noise disturbances regardless of whether or not amplified sound is used (e.g., outdoor music performances).

  2. Maximum Decibel Levels: Absent a written waiver from the University, outdoor events held on campus must abide by the following sound regulations, which prohibit unreasonable sound disturbance.

    1. A level of 70 decibels will be permitted in approved locations from 6:00 PM Sunday through 6:00 PM Friday.

    2. A level of 80 decibels will be permitted in approved locations from 6:00 PM Friday through 6:00 PM Sunday.

  3. Noise Complaint Procedures: If a complaint is registered with UAPD, then decibel levels will be measured by UAPD from the location of the activity as well as at the source of the complaint to assure compliance with approved levels. An attempt will be made to work cooperatively with the event sponsor in assuring approved sound levels. If cooperation does not occur, and if deemed appropriate by UAPD, the event may be terminated.

  4. Additional Sound Restrictions: During the week (Sunday evening through Friday afternoon), sound systems may be used on campus and around University residences only between the hours of 10:00 AM and 11:00 PM. The use of sound systems during the weekend must be terminated by 1:00 AM on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

  5. End of Semester Policy: Outdoor events which could create noise disturbances on campus will not be approved after the last day of classes through the end of finals each fall and spring semester.

  6. Notification to Others: Event organizers are responsible for notifying parties potentially affected by their event sound levels or activities. The University may approve lower sound levels in locations surrounding Fayetteville residential areas.

  7. Athletics: Any official athletic contest or spirit event sponsored or hosted by Men's or Women's Athletics or any Razorback Band practice or performance shall be exempt from the sound restrictions contained in this policy.

5. Procedures for Use of Facilities By Student Organizations

  1. Any registered student organization may use University facilities for open or closed meetings or performances subject to University policies regarding use of University facilities and outdoor space.

  2. If an off-campus speaker or performer is to be invited to address an open meeting of a registered student organization, the faculty/staff adviser, or in the absence of an adviser, a tenured faculty member, must give his or her approval prior to the time that an invitation is extended and publicity is released. The University administration may properly inform an organization concerning its views on any proposed meeting to which an off-campus speaker or performer has been invited but will leave the final decision concerning the meeting to the organization and its adviser.

  3. Publicity and communications concerning any meeting shall clearly identify the sponsoring organization and shall carefully avoid any stated or implied University sponsorship.

  4. An invitation to a speaker does not necessarily imply approval or disapproval of the speaker or his/her views by either the University or the student organization. In the event that a request for the use of a University facility by a registered student organization cannot be granted, it is the responsibility of the University officer to whom the request was made to notify promptly in writing the organization making the request stating the reasons for the denial.

  5. Speakers may be invited to the campus to discuss political issues. However, political party membership may not be supported or opposed at the event. Registered student organizations may solicit memberships and dues at meetings, however, money may not be raised for projects not directly connected with a University activity, and private business may not be conducted in University facilities.

6. Scheduling Events

A registered student organization may use University facilities for meetings. All University policy regarding the use of University facilities and outdoor space as well fund raising, legal, reservation, and scheduling considerations also apply to registered student organizations. In the interest of minimizing conflicts, all co-curricular events (i.e., dances, concerts, speakers, workshops, etc.) sponsored by student organizations and held outside of a campus living unit are encouraged to advertise on the University calendar after the facility has been reserved with the person or office responsible for the facility. Student organizations wishing to organize a fundraising project are required to fill out a fundraising form located in the Office of Student Activities or onhttp://osa.uark.edu/.

  1. Information about various facilities which may be used is available on the OSA Website under the Building Reservation Guide.

  2. Activities for which various facilities may be used are as follows:

Fine Arts Concert Hall 
Fine Arts Theater 
Chi Omega Greek Theater 
Fine Arts Open Air Theater 
Arkansas Union 
All auditoriums 
Barnhill Arena 
Arkansas Union 
Residence halls 
Lectures and Convocations 
Arkansas Union 
Bell Engineering Center 
Old Main 
Waterman Hall 
Reynolds Center 
Fine Arts Concert Hall 
Barnhill Arena 
Science-Engineering Auditorium 
Chi Omega Greek Theater 
HPER Building gymnasiums 
All auditoriums 
Razorback Stadium 
Broyles Athletic Complex 
Meetings and Study Halls 
Arkansas Union 
All auditoriums 
Fine Arts Concert Hall 
Fine Arts Theater 
Chi Omega Greek Theater 
Reynolds Center 
Recreational Events 
Arkansas Union 
HPER Building 
Chi Omega Greek Theater 
The area between Bough Commons and Humphreys Hall
Intramural Fields 
Barton Pavilion (Agri Park) 
Barnhill Arena 
Track/Tennis Center 
University Track 
Parking Deck 

7. Reserving Facilities

Facilities for any event or meeting must be reserved with the person or office responsible for the facilities to be used as listed in the building reservation guide located at http://osa.uark.edu/rso under the Forms section.

  1. Service Charges

    1. With the exception of the Arkansas Union, Barnhill Arena, the Reynolds Center and Barton Pavilion (Agri Park), no routine service charge will be made for the use of facilities identified herein. RSO’s are responsible to confirm whether there are any charges for the space use on campus, and to make arrangements for payment.  RSOs should also be aware that special services provided by the Facilities Management or other departments will result in appropriate charges to the using groups.

    2. Ordinary maintenance requirements (i.e., scheduled refinishing of floors, painting, etc.) will be assumed by the University even though this schedule may be advanced due to the extra use of such facilities.

    3. To permit necessary adjustments and arrangements, scheduling should take place sufficiently in advance of the using date. Two weeks is the normal time required for activities requiring special services. It is expected that major events will be scheduled as far in advance of the activity date as possible.

  2. Use of Union Facilities

    • Room Reservation: Requests to use meeting rooms in the Arkansas Union will be honored for officially registered student organizations, University departments, non-University official guests, and official guests of the University (as approved by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs). Reservations for space are made by the Arkansas Union Event Services Office, ARKU 634. The reservations should be made at least 24 hours prior to the event. Larger events must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance.

      1. Student groups that are spontaneous in nature, or are forums on current campus events may use Union meeting rooms with the approval of the Arkansas Union Director. These groups shall have the benefits of an officially registered student organization with the exception of fund-raising activities.

      2. Groups reserving rooms in the Union are granted exclusive use of such rooms for the time period reserved.

      3. Non-University Entities: (Non-University entities may request to reserve space in the Union) Subject to the approval of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs or designee and all applicable University policies.

      4. Information Tables: Requests to use information/display tables in the Arkansas Union will be honored by students, student organizations, and University departments. The Arkansas Union Event Services Office, Room 634, will make all arrangements.

        1. All table activities must carry the identification of the sponsoring organization.

        2. A representative of the sponsoring organization must be present at the table at all times.

        3. Organizations may reserve table space in five-day increments. If table space is available at the end of this five-day period, requests for extension will be honored in two-day increments.

        4. Promotions may take the form of ticket sales, collection of funds, handing out of literature, etc.

        5. Tables must be kept neat and orderly. Materials must be removed at the end of each day.

        6. All table activities are limited to the confines of the table. Traffic flow through the hallways cannot be restricted. Information table activities cannot interfere with the rights of others operating other information tables.

        7. Talking to the customers of the Arkansas Union or loud and boisterous activity will not be allowed.

        8. RSO fundraising activities must be approved prior to reserving an information table. Fundraising is the collection of money in any form for any reason other than dues listed in the RSO constitution. The Office of Student Activities in accordance with University regulations must approve fundraising activities in any form.

      5. Non-University related groups may reserve information/display table space if:

        1. The use of the booth would result in a service to the University community that is needed and is of measurable benefit, i.e., telephone service, etc.

        2. The use of information/display table space is a means to recruit students and is sponsored through the University Career Development Center, the U.S. Armed Forces recruiting teams, or other government agencies sponsored by the University Career Development Center. Arkansas Union Reservations are made in Room 634. A Union Reservationist can be reached at 575-2146, Monday-Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM.

  3. Publicity and Literature

    • Subject to all other University policies regarding the use of University facilities and outdoor space, the campus is open to the distribution of literature and petitions, and student-use bulletin boards have been provided in all University buildings. Generally, all organization publicity, handouts, etc., are governed by the following regulations, which do not include the additional restrictions of the Election Code, available in the ASG office, Arkansas Union.

      1. Signs will not be attached to trees, interior or exterior surfaces of academic or administrative buildings, surfaces of University equipment (trash cans, light poles, etc.), or any sidewalks on campus. This specifically includes gummed or pressure sensitive material and is applicable to windows and other glass surfaces.

      2. Signs not exceeding four square feet in area may be placed on stakes in the ground provided the stakes are not larger than one square inch.

      3. Publicity campaigns and literature signs must not obstruct traffic, create a safety hazard, restrict normal activity such as ground care, or interfere with academic or business functions of the University.

      4. All signs must carry the name of the sponsoring organization.

      5. All signs and leaflets must be removed and the area completely cleaned up on the day following the final day of the event being publicized. All remaining signs will be cleaned up by the appropriate University personnel and charges billed to the sponsoring organizations.

      6. Campaign publicity for any registered student organization elections including those for Associated Student Government must follow any additional guidelines set out in the organization's Election Code in addition to those outlined above.

      7. Signs posted in the Arkansas Union must be dated in the Office of Student Activities and are subject to Arkansas Union Advisory Committee guidelines.

      8. All residence halls have one general bulletin board to which free access for posting signs is available. Students should check with a Resident Assistant or the Resident Director to find its location. Permission to post notices on floor bulletin boards or in any other areas of the hall must be approved by the Director of University Housing or designee.

      9. Campaigning for election will not be allowed in the dining rooms. Tables for selling or solicitation for petition signatures may be set up in the lounge area at Brough Commons only.

      10. A city ordinance prohibiting putting handbills on vehicles without the owner's permission does apply to the campus. Clearance for such activity must be obtained from the Office of the Dean of Students and the University of Arkansas Police Department.

  4. Printed Materials

    • Printed matter may be sold or distributed free on the campus and in the following University buildings: the Arkansas Union (in areas designated by the Union Governing Board), the lower lobbies of Brough Commons, and other areas in residence halls or food service units designated by the Director of University Housing or designee. Such sale or distribution is subject to the limitation that it must not disrupt classes, food service, or the free flow of faculty, staff, or students, and that sales persons may not hawk their wares.